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tv   NBC Bay Area News at 11  NBC  February 28, 2011 11:00pm-11:35pm PST

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is oh, yes, no question about it. full confession. >> a full confession. a stunning and full confession. chilling words in one of the most notorious and disturbing crimes in recent memory. phillip and nancy garrido admitting to kidnappi inpin inp dugard. >> not only did nancy garrido admit to snatching jaycee off
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the streets, but she admitted to knowing that phillip was raping dugard and that she delivered the child for him. we also learned she came face to face with garrido just days ago. in a twist of fate, it may be jaycee who has the final say in what happens to them. the garridos are hoping she shows them the mercy they didn't show her. >> reporter: jessica, jaycee dugard could make a statement during sentencing when it comes to that. the decision will lie with the judge. but right now nancy garrido's attorney is looking for anything that could lead to some leniency for his client. the antioch couple charged with kidnapping made a full confession. the revelation comes from nancy's attorney. >> everything they wanted to know except they didn't produce any missing bodies.
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there's no other victims. >> reporter: his client admits to grabbing the 11-year-old dugard while her husband drove the car. gut claims nancy garrido had nothing to do with the sexual abuse. he fathered two girls with dugard. he claims nancy delivered those children. >> she was their mother. after the kids were born, she delivered the kids. she fed them, took them places. >> reporter: tatsen says dugard was there for her confession. the first time the two have been face to face since the couple's arrest in 2009. and tatsen is hoping dugard will weigh in when it comes to sentencing garrido. >> i'm curious as to whether or not you think that 241 years, 8 months to life is appropriate for nancy. >> reporter: tatsen says he hopes they consider the relationship they had. >> she's guilty of kidnapping and a bunch of other charges, but i think at least based on
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what happened after all the stuff started to become the bizarre family, that she should be able to at least walk on the beach probably with a walker at some point in time before she dies. >> reporter: the couple has not worked out a plea deal. so what impact the confessions will have on legal proceedings is unclear. >> the next legal step would be a guilty plea. there's not much sense going to trial after you've confessed. >> reporter: robert talbot says the confession could result in some leniency shown to garrido. the most important thing is this most likely will not go to trial, sparing dugard the need to testify. >> it was horrible to live it. but you honestly have to relive it when you're testifying in order to be a witness that gets across what happened to you to the jury. so it would be going over it again and again. and if there is a guilty plea, she at least has the possibility of letting go of it forever. >> reporter: nancy garrido has
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already entered a not guilty plea. phillip garrido was expected to enter a plea at the next hearing. that's scheduled for march 17th, so we'll have to wait at least a few more weeks to see just how much or if these confessions weigh in. live, kimberly therrien, nbc bay area news. the confession, the kidnapping, just part of what nancy garrido's attorney shared with us today. we've posted the entire raw interview on our website at kwsh nbc bay a rash of burglaries in the south bay. among their questions, are these break-ins racially motivated? they're happening near santa clara. are they targeting goods or the korean community? let's bring in our george kiriyama. got to be a sensitive time right now. >> reporter: it is. it's shaken up a lot of
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korean-american business owners. take a look at this tire track of the van that ran right into this jewelry store. less than two months after sun kim and her husband opened k.c. jewelry, two thieves bashed their white van into the front of their store, crushing the iron fence and then running inside. >> they took the jewelry, but we don't know how much. >> reporter: the kims say the burglars stole necklaces, rings and earrings. the store is now boarded up. >> i was in the car because i couldn't even come out. i was so scared. at what happened. it's really scary. >> reporter: terry kim runs a hair salon next door. she has an alarm and security camera as well. despite what's happened, she feels the community is trying to stick together. >> neighbors are watching over each other. so it's kind of safe. and then there's a lot of traffic. a busy shopping center. i never expected this before, but it happened. >> reporter: korean-american business leaders are worried about recent burglaries
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including car break-ins at shopping centers. the president of the korean-american chamber of commerce says something must be done now to prevent losing customers. >> and we certainly don't want to lose that business. yeah. and of course, the city of santa clara, they wouldn't want to lose that business either. >> reporter: there's some talk about putting more security cameras above businesses to make them more visible to thieves. >> never hurt like this in el camino. it's pretty safe, but nothing like this. >> reporter: and the owners of this jewelry store say they hope to reopen by sometime next week. live in santa clara, george kiriyama, nbc bay area news. for the second time this month, there's a near fatal hit-and-run in san jose. again police are asking for the public's help. the latest accident happened yesterday morning south of story road near 101 at this intersection. the police tell us a white minivan hit 41-year-old david garcia and then dragged him
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several feet before finally driving away. that's the only detail police got from witnesses. garcia was on his way to see his parents with lottery tickets he had just bought at a nearby liquor store. he's now in a medically-induced comb ra. three weeks ago 18-year-old erica luna was hit and dragged. just two miles from where garcia was hit and dragged. luna is also alive, but doctors say there's a chance she may never walk again. they might not be who they say they are. one of the priciest towns in the country, police are searching for a suspect allegedly posing as a caltrans worker to get inside homes. he told a woodside homeowner he was there to inspect the backyard for landslide danger. while he chatted with the homeowner, police say a second suspect may have entered the home and stole jewelry. here's the description of the suspect. olive-skinned, heavy set with a round, clean-shaven face, brown eyes, 5'6" to 5'9" driving a
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silver or gray suv. the warning, he poses as a caltrans worker who wants to enter your home. mentally ill and armed. san mateo police said they were forced to shoot an erratic man who fired at officers. the 35-year-old admitted her son was no stranger to cops saying they knew he was schizophrenic and so did the neighbors. the key question tonight is how did he get his hands on a gun? nbc's jean elle has the story for us. >> reporter: i did ask police investigators where he got a gun and if it was registered, but tonight they say they are not releasing that information yet. this incident started around 10:30 this morning at a cvs pharmacy where employees called police saying the 35-year-old was aking out in the store, displaying a handgun and threatening an employee. he then headed to his parents' house on foot. minutes later, his neighbor called police, reporting a man on oak street with a gun on the
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porch acting out. police say when they got to the house, they intended to set up a perimeter. and officers immediately tries to talk to him. but police say he pointed a .38 smith & wesson at them and fired. police chased him into the backyard and returned fire, killing him. neighbors and karins' mother said he had a history of mental illne illness. >> he's schizophrenic. everyone knows, the police know. they say i have to pay. pay what? i never pay. he got upset, came home. >> reporter: police did recover the gun but won't say how many shots karin fired. police also say officers were quite familiar with karin. two officers are gone while an investigation moves forward. police say both have more than ten years of law enforcement experience and have received crisis intervention training. now, san mateo police and the
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zriblgt attorney in san mateo corner are investigating. live in san mateo, jean elle. >> thank you, jean. well, it is liquid gold and now breast milk is being sold on the black market. >> there's no standards out there for anybody selling their milk on the internet. >> mothers selling their milk to make extra money. and other moms, in turn, buying it from strangers to feed their children. not only illegal, risky business for the babies, exposing them to a host of bacteria and disease. see how one local group is getting around that law. a lot of people are talking because he's talking. tonight charlie sheen's done it again. the bizarre getting more bizarre. meet the woman who he calls his goddess. good evening, i'm chief meteorologist jeff ranieri. plenty of sunshine today. very nice right now. becoming cold. 40s in the east bay. tomorrow we are talking about rain coming back.
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and an oscar one on one. a bay area homecoming right here at pixar. and one winner tells us all what it's like to win.
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the oscars were last night in l.a., but tonight in the bay area, it's the welcome-home party. pixar studios adding to its collection of bling. "toy story 3" winning for best animated film. our business and tech reporter scott budman goes one on one with the oscar-winning producer at pixar headquarters in emeryville. >> reporter: we are back here at pixar headquarters with darla anderson, the producer of "toy story 3" just off the plane with the oscar. congratulations. >> thank you. >> reporter: tell me what it's like to be in the theater to know you're nominated as you guys always are and to hear your name. >> it's amazing. it's surreal, cool and you can't really believe it, but it's the best thing in the world. >> reporter: you've worked on many pixar movies that have done this before. is it almost like auto mmatautor
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is it still a surprise? you were the producer and you've worked on many films and you've seen the change in the technology. is it getting harder or easier because of the tools you have to tell the story that you guys are so famous for? >> well, some things are getting easier. but what's interesting is that our creative appetites seem to expand with the technological capabilities. because we're artists at the end of the day s we want to push the envelope and get everything up on the screen. but it certainly has gotten better. >> reporter: congratulations. thank you so much. >> thank you. >> reporter: thanks for giving us the time. excellent. oh. >> oh, yeah. >> maybe it's at his desk now. the pixar empire essentially owning the best animated feature category. six oscars since 2001, films like "up, ratatouille and "the incredibles." the only movie that did not win the category was "cars" in 2006 which lost out to the dancing penguins of "happy feet." charlie sheen might be on high ate us from "two and a half men," but you won't have trouble
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finding him on tv. his agent announced this afternoon that he's no longer representing sheen. the actor has continued his manic string of appearances on tv and radio. tomorrow morning he's going to sit down for round two in an exclusive for the "today" show. >> do you get embarrassed that he calls you the goddesses? >> why? seems complimentary. >> could be worse, man. >> hey, wait a minute. don't run with that. don't run with that. >> i told charlie when i moved in that i'm on the bus and i don't really care where the bus is going. that's how we live. what do you want to do .o done. let's do w.lehey t . tlit's the way they live.wo t e wnsh tomorrow morning after sits down with jeff rosen fimhae oi tinterview. he's going to talk about his live-in girlfriends, the two goddesses. have you checked your e-mail lately? about a third of the estimated 20,000 gmail users who had their accounts deleted yesterday are
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now getting their e-mails back tonight. going togle says only about .02e affected. mother's milk, it's supposed to do a baby's body good, but what if it's not your milk? breast milk on the black market is a hot commodity being bought, sold and traded online, but is that safe? it's risky business for everyone involved. >> reporter: so you have a lot? how much is that? all over the bay area. $20? okay. here's with a we got. we found mothers willing to sell their breast milk. and this is fresh from this e pd red and yellow peppers jar. mostf dsth ae are aosted on craigslist. women who say they're healthy and looking for money for diapers, prices negotiable. she said this is her first time selling breast milk. we showed our purchases to the director of the san jose mother's milk bank.
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it scares you to see the milk like this being sold on the streets in a jar. >> yeah, troublesome. how do you know that isn't goat's milk? >> reporter: how do you know it doesn't have bacteria in it? >> how do you know it's not formula. >> reporter: this could have hiv, hepatitis, all sorts of bacteria. >> correct. >> reporter: she says diseases such as hiv, even syphilis can be transmitted. in california it's illegal to sell breast milk unless it comes from a tissue bank. here it's heated, tested for bacteria before it ever reaches a baby. >> the high temperature is to kill hiv viruses. even though we blood test the donors, we actually treat it to kill hiv so it's a double whammy. >> reporter: donors are blood tested and screened before their milk is accepted. >> there's no standards out there for anybody selling their milk on the internet. >> reporter: but that hasn't stopped the sale of breast milk online. and now sharing breast milk has
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gone viral. eats on feets facebook group started four months ago and now boasts 115 chapters in 36 countries. three here in california. >> we believe that this milk should only be donated. it should only be shared for free with babies and mothers who are in need. we don't support selling it at all. >> reporter: administrator sara hansen say mothers come here because it's free, convenient. and unlike the licensed milk banks, they don't need a prescription to get the milk, but are they putting their babies at risk? >> eats on feets believes that the families and parents can make that decision. >> reporter: and it is legal to share milk. but pauline says without the proper screening, it isn't just the babies who are at risk. donor mothers could be liable, too. >> if a child gets ill, there is nothing legally that will protect that donor. there's a lot of places that accept donations. >> reporter: it's something the mothers said they didn't know. but with a price tag of $3 or
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more an ounce, profits from the breast milk black market could be too tempting to give up. vicky nguyen, nbc bay area news. >> craigslist did not return our e-mails asking about the breast milk ads. we also want to clarify while it is illegal to sell breast milk, the attorney general's office says it's not illegal to buy it. meantime, there is a critical shortage of milk for the first time in history, and milk banks are asking mothers who have extra to donate but to a licensed bank. that milk is being used to nourish preemies and sick infants nationwide. let's bring in our chief meteorologist jeff ranieri. we're in that odd spot, should we wash our cars or will we get washed on? >> dairre i say it, balmy after friday and saturday. we actually 60-degree readings on monday. 60 in oakland, concord, 59 in
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fremont. 59 san jose and san francisco popping up to 57. a little bit of a respite after this wild past two weeks in weather. here are some of the highlights. winds that topped 65 miles per hour. remember that hailstorm on i-280? that also in the past two weeks. and that sea-level snow in san francisco, santa rosa, napa and gilroy. while it was only a few flakes, it certainly was very rare here for the bay area. now, right now we are dry here from the north bay to south bay, but rain will be returning soon. already signs of this unstable pattern with some showers well off the eureka coastline. but it's going to stay dry as we head into the morning hours. current temperatures in low 40s. we'll see continued cooling. another cold start but not record hold as we head into tomorrow morning. mid and upper 30s instand. for tomorrow, rain returns also with wind as we're tracking two different storms in our seven-day forecast. while the heart of it's heading up into the northwest, this cold front's going to be pretty
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aggressive to bring us widespread rainfall for the bay area. temperatures in the 50s. so not as cold as the last system. not expecting snow down at the sea level. and it looks like right now your wednesday commute is going to be wet for us. so for the morning hours, we're dry. now let's put this in motion. you see by 6:00 p.m. rain starts to build offshore tomorrow. and then as we head into 11:00 p.m. and midnight on wednesday, some of the heaviest rain moves in. an overnight storm at this point. still windy conditions and also rain expected. we're looking for about a half inch to an inch from the north bay to south bay. a decent soaking for us with also our coastal mountains that could pick up one to two inches of rainfall. all right. what to expect as we head throughout wednesday. the chance here of isolated flooding. also wind concerns with temperatures in the 30s here in the south bay. and also for the east bay. let's get a look at our tuesday forecast numbers in the upper 50s to low 60s throughout san jose, dublin and also livermore. and right up the peninsula, we
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expect 58 in san mateo, 57 in san francisco and also upper 50s to near 60 in concord and also fairfield. and as we head into the north bay, we'll also see conditions near 60. so clouds increase tomorrow with that best chance of rain as we head throughout tomorrow night and also for wednesday. anl on cable and anytime on thee also .again. ♪ [ child ] run! [ man ] first it was the mailbox, then my squirrel... and now, this. so i used my points to make a donation to get the park down the street built. when it finally opened, i also used my points for... car repair. [ male announcer ] use citi thankyou points for almost anything. and earn them fast with the new citi thankyou preferred card. what's your story? citi can help you write it.
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city and setting up offices in a hip neighborhood. >> that's right. lieutenant governor gavin newsom moving to an invitation-only office building. it's called the founder's den. the shared work space is for entrepreneurs and was started by the founder of friendster. he says he's a start-up as lieutenant governor and wants to reconnect with that business spirit. the price tag will run the state about $500 a month, reportedly less than the cost to lease space in the state office building and that allows him to be close to his wife, jen, and montana. >> and the city. st> giants baseball, barry anyle itd a style and a scary collision at the a's game. t be hard work or cost more money. now there's simple nutrition, only at safeway. green tags throughout the store call out what matters most to you. ♪ there are 22 different nutritional benefits highlighted. ♪ and with our low prices, now safeway makes bringing home the right choices
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good evening. if anyone tries to tell you that spring training games don't matter, just remember that the giants had the best record in the majors last spring. they're off to another nice start today visiting the brewers. and barry zito getting his first cactus league action. with the bases loaded, though, zito doesn't hit prince fielder as is the custom. he just walks him which brings home rickie weeks. zito went 1 2/3 giving up two runs and three hits with five walks. but he did have two strikeouts. mark derosa, crushed, finds its way to the street in center. where does that road go? the giants get a six-run seventh
11:29 pm
holding off milwaukee to take it 10-9. a zenlike zito reflected afterwards. >> i feel really good, yeah. you know. i feel like i'm ahead of base. everything's clicking pretty good physically. it's just timing, you know, getting the delivery, reputation, looking forward to my next bull pen. >> five walks ahead of pace. the a's host the reds tomorrow. they were taking on the angels. a rough start for the prospect. the a's have a crowded outfielder. carter, two errors. that wasn't the scary part. down the line at first. andy laroche in the path of the angels' son segura. an ugly collision. both were okay. the a's mounted a late comeback, but it wasn't enough in an 8-7 loss. the sharks will soon be sharing the tank again. the sabercats are back. and the last time we saw them was at the arena bowl in new
11:30 pm
orleans. but after a league reorganization, well, they have returned and will play friday, march 11th, at the tank. plenty of familiar faces on the squad. quarterback mark grieb. we visited practice today to chat with the cats. >> i think the feeling's excitement because we know we're going to play utah and our first scrimmage against somebody besides ourselves. i think guys are looking forward to that. >> they're hungry. they've come out here and really went after each other. there's a lot of competition out here. and cutdowns are coming up and they know it and really getting after each other. we know the contestants for the next go 'round of "dancing with the stars." hines ward getting ready to dance. pro wrestler chris jericho and ralph macchio.
11:31 pm
boxing great sugar ray leonard also getting ready to strut his stuff. i've never really understood the appeal of this show. >> i love it. >> really? >> yeah. we wash it all the time. >> yeah, we just kick back, watc. at >> we'll be right back.
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jeff. >> a longer look at that seven-day forecast. most important thing is tomorrow night into wednesday morning. we're looking at rain and also wind. there's a slight chance we'll have to deal with a little ice lated flooding, too. and showers linger into thursday. we dry out again friday. this storm does not look as cold as the last one, so we won't be tracking low snow but wind throughout tomorrow night for sure. >> so friday is the day for everyone to call in sick. just know that. >> i see it right there. >> you said it. >> thanks for joining us tonight. jay leno is next. we'll see you tomorrow night. >> bye. and now an nbc bay area editorial. >> despite signs of recovery, our cities and counties still wallow in red ink. until we fix the crisis in local governments, the bay area's
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rebound will be weak. i'm suzanne shaw. the silicon valley index, a sobering new report on the economy, concludes that even with a rebound in the private sector, public sector problems will hurt our prosperity. we spend far more than we take in. demand is up. to do stamps, pensions, you name it. so even the local governments cut,000s of jobs, the gap between revenues and spending is growing. nbc bay area believes we have to restructure the tax code. so it's fair to individuals and businesses. we have to decide what kind of government we're willing to pay for and what we're willing to live without. the sooner we get to work, the better. join


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